Watercolor Workshops by Carol Carter

Painting Techniques Watercolor

Come and learn new and free ways to express yourself through watercolor with internationally recognized artist Carol Carter.

Carol will share her watercolor techniques through lecture, demonstration, and individual instruction.

Each day will begin with a detailed demonstration using an original work as a starting point. Use of color, control of water, compositional considerations and value structure will all be covered. The afternoon will be devoted to individual instruction as well as group critique. Classes are informal and discussion is lively and entertaining.

The workshop will also include tips on marketing your art, resources for supplies, documenting artwork and developing personal imagery.

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April 1-9 2017

Morocco Tour & Watercolor Workshop

Morocco Watercolor

contact: summermichelled@gmail.com


May 7-9, 2017

Chicago, Illinois


contact: ingrid@ingridsartoriginals.com


May 15-19 2017

At the Marienthal www.marienthalcountryinn.com
in Buffalo, NY

For more information visit:
Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society

contact: Email


June 12-14 2017

Folsom, California

California Watercolor Workshop

contact: Email


August 19-20 2017

Alton, IL - $400

Jacoby Arts Center

Registration: Email


September 15-17 2017

Los Angeles, California

Valley Watercolor Society

contact: Email


September 19-20 and 22-25, 2017

Tri-City, Washington

contact: suzi.vitulli@gmail.com


Carol CarterCarol CarterCarol CarterCarol CarterCarol CarterCarol Carter

Workshop Testimonials

Dear Carol,

The “Watercolor Workshop” at Innsbrook last weekend was just an all around amazing experience!

I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to watch, listen and learn as you gave us demonstration and instruction in watercolor. This was by far the best art workshop or class that I have attended. You not only took the time to show us your process, step by step, but you also provided individual instruction and personal encouragement. Your ability to articulate yourself and your work was so helpful. I felt like a thirsty little sponge, soaking up every word (and I have the pages of notes to prove it!)  The hours just flew by and I found myself dreading that last hour of class. I’m glad that you have a gallery (and website) that I can visit when I need another dose of inspiration.

Please let me know when and where you might be teaching again – and save me a spot!

Best regards,

C... K...

Hi Carol… 

I really enjoyed the weekend workshop on so many levels.  You truly give an enormous amount of knowledge, information, technique and encouragement to your students.  I’m ready to return for another one, watercolor or acrylic.




Just one more thank you for a wonderful weekend at Innsbrook. You are a fantastic instructor; I hope you come back to us soon to inspire us and to teach us.

Ugo Betti said, "Nothing matters half so much that we answer each other, that we talk to each other."

Carol taught us how to talk to others through our art.  She answers with beauty and sensitivity.  Thank you, Carol. 

C... G...