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Cover Page, International Artist, April/May 2010

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A selection of Carol Carter’s original art work is available as museum quality, fine art editions produced by Bullivant Gallery, publisher of fine art. Utilizing their proprietary Esattezza Arte® printing method, Carol’s edition prints are strikingly accurate to her original art, and are created with only the finest quality archival cotton rag papers and fully pigmented inks. Bullivant Gallery has been producing editions for artist for more than ten years, working with renowned museums, galleries, and collectors across the globe. • contact


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New American Paintings Cover Story Watercolor instruction
by Betsy Hosegood
Different Strokes: Watercolor: Unique double demonstrations reveal alternative approaches to watercolor painting (Different Strokes) (Paperback) Watercolor by Carol Carter. Watercolor by Carol Carter. Watercolor by Carol Carter.

Having grown up in Florida, my strongest visual impression of an environment for human activity is water. In much of my work, water provides the setting for anonymous figures. Watercolors of nudes, as well as black and white nudes are in my portfolio. The nude swimmer- evocative and sensual watercolour painting is a signature theme.

The paintings contain duality: clarity and ambiguity; sanctuary and threat; pleasure and pain. The use of vibrant, saturated-color contributes to the tension between these extremes. The acrylics of Napa Valley, CA, Savannah, GA and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands are lush in their depiction of the region. The acrylic landscapes and botanicals are compelling.

Belle Glade, Fl has been a wealth of inspiration. The sugar cane fields, egrets, muck, cane cutting, sugar farming, and raw sky beauty have been visually documented.

For me, the watercolors and acrylics of nudity and landscape hold a special place in gallery work. The portraits, commissions, portraiture, floral watercolor, the good girls/bad girls are in watercolor painting and acrylic on panel.

Each aspect of my work is mysterious, seductive, intense, and inviting.
Welcome to St. Louis artist- Carol Carter.

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